Food and Water
Many students prefer not to eat for at least two hours prior to class, however, some find that a light protein-rich snack an hour earlier, helps to maintain blood sugar levels, promoting increased energy and stamina. Experiment to see what works best for you. Above all, stay well hydrated before and after class (Drinking excessively during practice can interfere with comfort and concentration).

Dress Lightly
It is important that blood flow, breathing, and movement are unrestricted. Bikram yoga is practiced barefoot. Men wear shorts or a bathing suit, women, a sports bra or tank top and leotard or shorts. You will be sweating quite a bit, so take that into consideration. (Dressing rooms and showers are provided.)

Be On Time
Classes are structured so that each posture prepares your body for the next one in the series. Please allow for the full 90 minute class.

Keep Us Informed
Let your instructor know if you have neck, back, or joint injuries, heart disease, high blood pressure, recent surgeries, or are pregnant, etc.

Make a Commitment
Ninety-five percent of your yoga practice is getting from your home to the studio. Just show up, period. No compromises. You will always be glad you did.

Listen very carefully to the instructor. Give your undivided attention to your own yoga practice. If you are watching a more experienced student, stop what you are doing and watch with your full attention.

Stay in the Room
It is VERY normal to feel light-headed and/or nauseous your first time. It takes a few classes for your body to become acclimated to the environment of the studio. Even if you need to sit out one or more postures, you are still receiving tremendous benefit just by being in the room.

Remember to Breathe
Breathe normally while practicing – slowly in and out through the nose with your mouth closed. Focus on your breath coming deep and slow from within your abdomen rather that high in the chest. If your breathing becomes rapid and shallow, you automatically become tense, thereby diminishing the benefits of the yoga.

Self Acceptance
Never compare yourself to anyone else . You can only mark your progress from the point at which you started. Genetics play a large role. Some people have natural flexibility, others strength. Very few have both attributes. Balance comes as strength and flexibility harmonize. As long as you do your very best to do the postures correctly, you will receive 100 percent benefit. Work hard while respecting your true limits. Accept your body as it is today, and have faith in its natural ability to change

Smile and Have Fun
Above all, enjoy yourself! Yoga practice is just that – practice.

Come Back Soon
Chances are, you will be a little sore after your first class. After all, you’ve probably used some muscles that you didn’t even know you had! It is very important that you come back as soon as possible to stretch and deepen your understanding of the postures. Yoga is a very restorative form of exercise. You may practice safely every day!

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